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Bezaleel – bets-al-ale’

Who or what is Bezaleel and why is he speaking?

My name is Dwight Taylor and I’m the author of this blog.  Who or what is Bezaleel and why is he speaking is a great question.  Well, in short, Bezaleel is the person from the Holy Bible, that God Himself gave Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge and all manner of craftsmanship to build the very first God ordained…man made physical tabernacle in the earth.

In 2004, after walking with the Lord for eight years or so, the Lord Jesus Christ revealed to me that His divine work in my life was similar to the miracle he did in the life of Bezaleel.  If you’re interested, you can find my full testimony here.

I named this blog Bezaleel Speaks because not only has the Lord Jesus Christ crafted wisdom, understanding and knowledge in me with regard to temporal technology, but He has graciously began to teach me about the technology used in His spiritual Kingdom.

This blog is dedicated to sharing biblical evidence of technology used in Jesus’ Kingdom and in the earth realm.