My Testimony

October 31st, 1996, I had a divine encounter with the Lord Jesus while attending a lunch-time bible study at my job.

My attendance at the bible study was disingenuous, at best.  There was a young lady I was quite interested in, that attended the bible study.  However, she wanted nothing to do with me because everyone knew I wanted nothing to do with God, and she was in the process of believing God for a husband that loved God.

Prior to attending the bible study this day, a friend of mine and I were having a smoke outside the building and discussing salvation (my friend was a back-sliden Christian that God used to minister to me).  I told my friend that I was concerned about what I’d have to give up if I decided to give my life to Christ (my girlfriend, DJing, etc…).  Although I didn’t understand at the time, this back-sliden evangelist explained to me that God wouldn’t require me to drop anything, but that as I began to learn about the Lord Jesus Christ, I would decide to give up those things out of my love for Him.  I shrugged off his advice and we went to the bible study.  As usual, I was hoping to see this woman I was interested in at the bible study.

Once we arrived at the bible study, the leaders were discussing the biblical and the spiritual significance of Halloween.  In the middle of discussing Halloween, the gentleman who originally started this particular bible study entered the room and began to discuss salvation, focusing on how simple giving your life to Christ could be.

All of a sudden while he was still speaking, I couldn’t see or hear anyone else in the room except the gentleman that was speaking (I remember this as if it were yesterday, he was pacing back and forth as he spoke).  From that moment on, every word he spoke was as if his words were being sent straight to the core of my heart.  I was an extremely logical person, and this experience was beyond any explanation I could have mustered.  After the bible study, my friend and I left, and I intended to proceed as if nothing had happened. Don’t ask me how I knew the Words he spoke were going straight through me, I just knew it.  As was the tradition of the Christians that attended the bible study who knew I hadn’t accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior, they began to ask me how I enjoyed the discussion.  I remember multiple people in attendance asking me what I thought of the bible study; my only words were it was fine.  I wanted to explain what I experienced but really didn’t have a suitable explanation, according to my logical mind.

As I returned to my desk, attempting to resume the work I was doing before attending the bible study, a flood of emotion overcame me causing me to weep uncontrollably.  Now, because you don’t know me, you must know that crying uncontrollably at my desk in the middle of an entire floor of people is never something I would allow to happen.  While watching this uncontrollable display of emotion, my friend looked over at me and said Dwight, just let God do what he wants to do in your life. Weeping uncontrollably, I said, man I’m going home; tell the boss I had an emergency. Then I left the job to go home.

The weeping continued all the way down to the train station, I could not stop it.  I sat down in the train and cried myself to sleep.  The people on the train felt so bad for me, I can only imagine what was going through their minds.  I awoke to find I had slept past my stop and had rode to the end of the train line.  I asked the train conductor how long it would be before the train headed back the other way.  He replied in about 5 minutes. So I sat back down, still thinking about everything that had happened earlier that day.

As I sat there, it was as if someone had pulled a pair of darkly colored sun glasses off of my eyes. Everything seemed so bright; I had never seen normal things (trees, leaves, a bird flying gracefully through the air), in my opinion, look so spectacular.

Then, out of nowhere, the uncontrollable weeping started again.  This time however, I began to hear a voice speaking to me.  You must know that at this point in this soap opera, I am really beginning to wonder whether I’m having a nervous breakdown.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I began to hear a voice say

“If you let go of the things in your heart against your family, I’ll take care of it”.

As the train started to pull out from the station, the voice continued to repeat the same statement over and over;

“If you let go of the things in your heart against your family, I’ll take care of it”.

After repeating this same statement maybe 5 or six times, it occurred to me that it was God speaking to me.  The only reason I knew it was God speaking is because I had never told anyone how bad I had always felt about how I had treated my mom, my sister and many of the people in my life.  However, somehow I knew that God was promising me that I would be forgiven and that He would help me as He repaired the broken relationships in my life.

God continued to repeat this exact same statement to me all the way back to my train stop. Still weeping, I got off the train and cried all the way home. Once I arrived home, I attempted to call my mom because I just knew I was having a nervous breakdown. Well, she was nowhere to be found.

So I sat on the middle of the floor of my apartment weeping. Finally, knowing it was the Lord speaking, I said, “okay God, whatever you want to do with my life is fine with me”.  I continued to cry until I was able to reach my mom. Once I explained what happened, she said, oh son (just like a mom who knows everything about their children), it’s just God telling you it’s time for you to get saved. So she led me through a prayer of salvation where I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

After praying for me, my mom suggested that I come to her church to be baptized by fire. I had no idea what she meant, but because I had visited her church in the past, I was determined that if I did attend, I was not going to fall down on the floor for anyone.  Once again, my logical mind was at work attempting to frustrate the grace of God that was unfolding (of course I didn’t see it this way then).  That Sunday I attended my mom’s church and got baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Wouldn’t you know it, even though I had it made up in my mind that I wasn’t going to fall on the floor, as soon as the person praying for me put his hands on me, I hit the ground like a ton of bricks. That day I could only speak in the tongues I received after being prayed for.  It’s really funny when someone says something to you and you answer back with total gibberish, as far as they’re concerned.  Little did I know, my heavenly language would be the grace of God used to build me up in my most Holy Faith, even to this day.

After receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, I joined the Church of the young lady I was originally attending the bible study to engage with.  Wouldn’t you know it, although I attended the early morning service regularly, I never once saw her at the Church.  I found out later that it was God maintaining my focus.

While attending church one Sunday, as I sat listening to the Church announcements, the Lord spoke to me and told me that the Church I was attending was not my Church home.  Well, I had no idea what to do with this, but thank God that He used one of the ladies from the bible study to mentor me.  I told her what I heard the Lord say and she said, well we need to visit some churches to see where the Lord will lead you.  I agreed, and then she suggested that I visit my mom’s church.  My response to that suggestion was, absolutely not.  She asked me why and I told her that I didn’t like the leader of the Church because he always talked about people.  She said, well you need to go where God sends you.

The next couple of weeks, we visited maybe 4 or 5 churches and none of them seemed right. Finally, my first mentor asked me when I was going to visit my moms Church.  I told her okay, but I was not joining.  This was in January of 1997.  On that Sunday morning, as I sat listening to the preacher preach, I saw a vision of myself washing the feet of the leader of the church.  While watching myself wash the feet of this man I didn’t like, the Lord asked me whether I would submit to the vision of this house.  At that moment, the dislike I had for that leader of this church immediately left me and I agreed to join the Church and be obedient to what the Lord had just asked me.

In February of 1997, shortly after I became a member of the Church, the Lord allowed me to get my first home computer.  After spending maybe a month with this new computer, Jesus spoke to me again and made the following statement.

I will teach you about computers.  This gift is to be used for the vision of this house.  Do not charge this Church for anything you do.  They will not trust you in the beginning, this is a wounded house.  Do Not attempt to make sweeping changes, just keep working what is in place.  In due time I will give you a voice, and you will be able to implement what I’ve shown you“.

Prior to a 6 month temporary data entry assignment at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois in January of 1996, I knew absolutely NOTHING about computers.  I remember having to ask my sister to turn on her computer so I could play games.  By this house, the Lord was referring to the Church I joined.  I would not be trusted because those who came before me did a major job of charging the ministry a great deal of money with little return on investment.

It’s truly a miracle, who knew that the Holy Spirit actually knows about computers, how to build web sites, construct computer networks, etc….  Well, I can absolutely testify that the Holy Spirit of God knows everything and can teach a believer anything God wants him or her to learn.  The Holy Spirit is truly the Master Teacher.

So where am I today?  Well, in August of 2016 I was ordained as a Prophet.  Entirely by the grace and mercy of God, I am the Director of Information Technology for the Liberty International Network,  Founder and CEO of VIZYUL LLC; a professional consulting services and software company.

Oh yeah, that lady I was pursuing, we have been married since 1999 and have three wonderful children, to God be the Glory!  BOOM POW!