Prophet Dwight Taylor


Prophet Dwight Taylor is a servant leader that loves God’s people and has walked with the Lord Jesus Christ for more than 20 years.  On October 31, 1996 Prophet Dwight had a Romans Road experience where he was introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ in dramatic fashion.  Shortly following this experience, Dwight was divinely led, through an open vision given by the Holy Spirit, to become a member of Liberty Temple Full Gospel Church of Chicago.

In December of 1996 Prophet Dwight experienced three visitations from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the first visitation, The Lord Jesus Christ said the following to Prophet Dwight “if you let go of everything in your heart against your family, I’ll take care of it”.

In the second visitation, the Lord Jesus Christ said the following to Prophet Dwight “I will teach you everything you need to know about computers.  You are to use this gift for this house (Liberty Network of Churches).  They will not trust you, so do not attempt to make sweeping changes.  In due season I will give you a voice”.

The foundation of that voice was laid by the Apostolic and Prophetic preaching, teaching and healing ministries of Chief Apostle Dr. Clifford E. Turner (Founder and Overseer of Liberty International Network) and Senior Apostle Sheraine Lathon (Master Prophet and Senior Pastor of Liberty Temple Chicago).

In the third visitation, The Lord Jesus Christ said the following to Prophet Dwight “I will return the glory of the Lord to the Church, the first step is to restore the Fear of the Lord to the hearts of my people”.

After years of prophetic training, discipline and sharpening, Prophet Dwight was ordained and commissioned into the Office of the Prophet on the fourteenth day of August in the year of Our Lord 2016.

The Holy Spirit has equipped Dwight with the gifts of Discerning of Spirits, Words of Wisdom, Words of Knowledge, prophetic teaching, encouragement and the awakening of spiritual gifts.

Dwight has a unique assignment to leaders in the marketplace and the body of Christ.

Dwight lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife of 20+ years, Elder Aminah Taylor, and his three children Laila, Dwight Jr. and Zoe.