Self Loathing

Matthew 12:29-31 – The ultimate revelation on self-loathing or self-hatred is found in Jesus words.  If you hate yourself, it’s impossible to truly love others and ultimately God.  Since God defines love toward Him as obedience to The Word of God, this reality guarantees that those who suffer from self-loathing or self-hatred will find it near impossible to fully obey God due to the absence of pure love.

I Samuel 9:21 – The Hebrew word for  smallest in the KJV is the root word for self-loathing or self-hatred.  So, prior to Saul being called and anointed by God, he had a self-loathing or self-hatred view of himself and the tribe he was a part of.  Even though he identified this issue out of the abundance of his heart, God still anointed him, caused him to prophecy by the power of the Holy Spirit and was with him in many battles against the Philistines, he NEVER went through the difficult process of uprooting this extremely destructive stronghold of the mind.

I Samuel 10:11-12 – These two verses give us insight into the fact that the prophets were aware that even though the presence of God was clear in Saul’s ability to prophecy, he had not gone through the tough process of uprooting self-loathing or self-hatred.

Ezekiel 6:9, 20:43, 36:31 – Self-loathing enters a persons life as a result of evil behavior against God.

Proverbs 15:32 – Ignoring instruction fully opens the door to self-loathing or self-hatred.